“These Guys Did A Great Job”

“I found Jefferson on Craigslist, we had to get 3 quotes on the person for the association here, it’s a 12 unit little condo complex. We needed to get some repairs done, also get pressure cleaning done and then we decided to go ahead with the sealing on the pavers aswell.

These guys did a great job, they were really thorough and even the little extra things that they did. The fence where we have the trash cans, they went ahead and power washed that, they were really bad before. That wasn’t part of the deal but while they were power washing they went ahead and cleaned the fence.

He was great, he came out and he was the one to follow up out of the 3 quotes he wasn’t the cheapest, but, it’s not always best to go with the cheapest. We’re really happy. It wasn’t that big of a deal but just the fact that I liked him, he followed through and when he did the job, he did an exceptional job. And even the sidewalks, was not part of the deal and he did that. He goes the extra little bit to make sure you’re happy.

Like I said, he was professional, he came right out. It was less than a week. I wish you could see what the fence looked like. It was green, and full of mold. Everyone’s very happy. Highly recommend. Thank you very much.”

Jeff Applebaum
Fort Lauderdale, FL

“He Goes The Extra Little Bit To Make Sure You’re Happy.”
“Everyone’s Very Happy. Highly Recommend.”